What’s This Blog All About

This is the place where I can put all the interesting stuff that has happened to me in what seems like a lifetime in China – 22 years and counting.

Its a collection of business advice – hard won lessons from the school of hard knocks living a country that has only just emerged from a thousand years of isolation.

There are stories here from daily life – the larger-than-life characters I have met, strange things that have happened, insights into the nature of the Chinese people and more than a few reminisces.

Nothing is in any order – that’s because it has taken 22 years for me to get around to building a place where these things can be shared.

There is simply no place like China – every single day you see things that you probably wouldn’t see anywhere else in the world – a place where the huge population interacts with each other, bound by rules of that have been developed over 5,000 years of history without the influences that have shaped so much of the modern world.

The Dragon has slept and is now awake and the awakening brings with it fire and treasure and knowing how to avoid the fire and grasp the treasure is what this blog is all about.

Nearly all of the stories come from one city – that’s because it is in one city that I’ve lived and worked – you can’t ever get to truly understand China – it’s simply too big and too complex.

When I write I am coming from a place where I really love China – but that doesn’t make me blind to many of the problems that exist in China or not to have fears for the future if China were to take a different road. You have power over your eyes and can see things in two different ways – where possible I choose to see a more positive slant on things.

Whatever happens China is not going to go away and it is going to have a huge influence over the planet in the coming decades and probably centuries. How it plays out is still anyone’s guess and there are two well delineated schools of thought – one is that it is al going to hit a brick wall and disaster will proceed disaster and the other is that China will get through the challenges that are facing it.

I’ve got a little bit of both of those schools of though in me – but since it is my home I am hoping for for the latter.

So sit back and relax – share a journey that keeps on rolling.



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