Happy New Year


It’s the time the relentless old sun turns again and brings with it the hope and promise of a New Year, a new chance, and wipes its duster over the chalkboard of life.

There is always a vitality as we greet the New Year because the promise of a new start gives the spirit wings to fly again, and convinces us that we can try again and we can do better than we thought we did in the past circle of the sun.

We see out the old year, counting down the seconds until the tick of the timepiece opens the flood gates of joy and energy.

It’s the time we review and reestablish our goals and our aspirations and the time where we let go of the pain and the anxiety of the old year. It’s a time of goodbye and hello. The king is dead, long live the king.

So, when you sit and contemplate all the wonderful things you are going to do this year, the goals you are going to achieve, the places you are going to visit, the things you are going to buy, the habits you are going to change and the things you are going to let go of.

Give a thought on how you might align with the mighty unseen power of the Universe, and bring its immense force to stand beside you in the battles of life.

Look to the starving child in Yemen or Syria or in the hundreds of refugee camps, and with the inspiration that comes from knowledge, share some of the bounty you have been given and give them a share of your abundance that they may live and thrive.

Focus on helping the hungry, the thirsty and the tired and the energy you generate will come to your aid.

Think of the homeless – those chased from their homes, their families and their lands; those who scarcity prevents them from being able to afford shelter; or those whose mental conditions make it difficult to settle and hold it together long enough to find a place to lay their heads.

Share your plenty and in sharing the mighty floodgates of return will turn your plenty into unbounded profusion.

Think of the child in the orphanage, forgotten and lonely, desperate for even a taste of the home and family you enjoy. Just once in the coming year visit them, support them, find a way to assist.

As you bring a teaspoon of hope to their saddened hearts, you fill your year with joy.

Let the orphan and the refugee hear the words: Gather your things, you’re going home.

If you have suffered in the past year, use that suffering to help those that are being broken on the same rocks that you were flung on – comfort those who have had their hearts broken in losing a loved one, support those who are feeling the sting of illness, share your home and your possessions with those who have lost their homes and possessions to disaster.

You were brought to the place of pain to help you understand, and in understanding you now have the strength to help those who suffer as you did.

Make a stand against selfishness, greed and injustice. Take the chance – roar in indignation. Man the barricades of right.

Raise an almighty cry against those who are ripping the heart out of societies and people, so that those foes of men might be defeated.

If you wish to get then give. Relentlessly.

Whatever your goal and aspiration is, find a way to help someone else with less than you have. The floodgates of life open with the key of kindness.

Plant seeds of goodness and reap fields of joy and happiness.

Make a commitment this year to change the order of your resolutions.

If you want to get then make giving your goal.

I hope that this year the hungry child is fed. The frightened child finds peace. The homeless a home. The sick, health. The tired, a place to rest. The brokenhearted, comfort. The lonely, a friend. The desperate, relief. The depressed, joy.

So, to those we know and those we haven’t yet met, Happy New Year.

Consign the old year to the dustbin of history and bathe yourself in the warmth of the dawn of 2017.

Kindest regards
Gavin and Xiaomei.



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